About this journal

Russian Journal of Logistics & Transport Management

Goal & Tasks

Russian Journal of Logistics &Transport Management aims to create an integrated platform, which improves theory and practice ties in transport area that benefit to the development of the society by improving cost efficiency and overall effectiveness of supply chains through the positive changes in the following aspects:

  • Analysis of Transport Facilitation to the International Markets
  • Innovative Projection and Development of Transport Infrastructure in the Modern Economic Environment
  • Design of Apparatus for the Risk Management and Operational Safety on Transport
  • Application of Information Technologies in Logistics and Transport Management
  • Purchasing and Inventory Management
  • Supply Chain Planning and Costing
  • Implementation of Corporate Responsibility for Green Approach and its Evaluation
  • Introduction of Lean Strategy within Transportation Systems
  • Freight Flow Management across Transportation Nodes
  • Justification of Logistics Centers Development, Warehousing and Freight Terminals
  • Evolution of Passenger Logistics
  • Development of Logistics Markets in Russia and its Nearby Markets, like CIS and Eurasian Union

Start Year: 2014

Frequency: 2

ISSN online: 2313-7002

DOI: 10.20295/2313-7002